. . . mixed in time & space

Sightly strange I guess, to open this page with a woman I don't even know:

Lana Wachowski, formerly the older of the "Matrix" Wachowski Brothers - now Andy's big sister.

These photos - from the opening of Cloud Atlas in LA Oct 2012 - are nothing short of lovely, and the shine in her eyes is mesmerizing; Lana sure seems to be a very happy woman. © Reuters Fred Prouser & Fayes Vision/WENN

Börge, close friend since more than thirty-five years. Singer-songwriter who mentioned
"a man more beautiful as a woman" on a 1979 record sleeve. Priest who baptized my sons and buried my father. Composer featured in "Swedish psalms".
High school teacher. Author of numerous high school text-books. Travel companion on a beer pilgrimage to Bruxelles. Right: His son Johannes's photos. The blond young man is his musician son Simon.

Sue & Duane. Wiseman's Ferry & Brindabella Valley. NSW, Oct 2005

Laura, my beer, pool & biker friend, seeing
me off ...   Sydney, late Oct '05

Right: Fredrik, youngest son of high school
friend. Photo from the Miami Winter party,
March '06, by Billy Jens Crusenborg

Robert, niece Johanna & son Joel. Nov '05

Marianne. In 2002, our paths crossed again - after 35 years. Dec '05

Torsten, my first gay friend 1972/2006

Katrina & Tracie. Sydney, Oct '05
James Green on a Stockholm visit. Oct '98

Mia, European champion & the only tattooist allowed to touch us. Titti has two, I have three - the first one dating back
to 1987, the third - and last? - 2004.

Pam outside Katoomba, Blue Mtns. Sept '05
Lunch with Katherine. Sydney Oct '05

SRS in Aug 2001; Our surgeons Johan & Gunnar, with one of my nurses. Love you guys!
FtM Leo; If only I were a young hetero chick... May '05

My last Girls Sunday Groove at the Hampshire Hotel. Sydney Oct '05

Titti & James, San Francisco June '03
Judith & Del, Sthlm Pride, Aug '02

Sydney colleague Stephanie

Guzzi Club biker friends Tomas & Keijo, May '06
From Gov't report to friendship - Karin

With my Seattle cousins Amy & Gail, Amy's daughters Emily & Anna. July '03

Gail's daughter Carolyn and niece Stephanie on a Stockholm visit in June '06

34 years after we first met at the Uni ...
Dag in May '06

More University friends & partners: Britt, Björn, T, Ola, Anna-Maria, Ragna & Tomas ...
... on one of the 25 000 islands in the Stockholm archipelago, the last day of Sept

Ragna the day before - going there

Biker friend Åsa; Sadly - for me - she lives in
the far south of Sweden. July '06

Eva; Friday evening, late September: "Let's go to Oslo for a beer!". We straddled our bikes early Sat, spent the night next to the Norwegian Royal castle, and returned home Sun; two times 550 km for two beers and a sandwich. How many grandmothers ...!?

Ingrid, who dropped out of Uni during our first year, did other stuff, returned to finish & found her way back to us after 31 yrs. 30th Sept.

I first met Rita during the '98 Sthlm EuroPride, but it was to be eight years before we really got to know each other.

When she asked me to come with her to the 2007 WIMA rally, I regrettably had to say no. The last time we talked before she left for Germany the message was that "We'll see more of each other this fall".

July 25th she was killed in a seemingly un-explicable solo accident; What if I had come with her ...?

Photos from July & Sept 2006.
At the time of the accident her Honda CB 750 - bought brand new in '73 - had taken her first criss-crossing America and then numerous times around Europe. It had acquired an amazing 640 000 km (400 000 mi) to its credit.

When Rita Creighton died, Sweden
was bereaved of a political &
LGBT activist of the first degree - and I lost a dear friend.

"Sweden"? Rita's four-hr funeral service was attended by 250 people representing at least seven countries.
Luckily there's also new friends to fill the gap: Panther                                                                  biker Birgitta ...

                      ... V-day pioneer Tina, in March '06 ...            ... and Nov '07 ...

.. and my colleague Classe. Outside our office, July '06

Getting ready for our thirty-fifth anniversary at the Stockholm Technical University - almost to the day thirty-three years after my debut as a woman at this yearly students' ball.
Dag, Britt, Björn, Ragna & yours truly, 17th Nov '07

My young journalist friend Caroline at a pre EuroPride 2008 party.
© Sthlm Pride Sept '07

With Tasso Stafilidis, our first openly gay member of parliament, and author of the acclaimed autobiography (eq.) "My burning heart". © QX Magazine Dec '07

I first met Lena in early Feb '08, and for the first few months saw her every week; The 'best girlfriend' I never had in school ...?

Photo to the right: Mille - always heading the Stockholm Pride parade on her Gold Wing. Helene Delilah - Club LASH founder & motor, co-author, with Malinda, of a lovely
book "for girls having sex with girls". 1 May 2008

Angelica - another untiring LASH lady & one of my first friends there in Oct '98. Photo as above
Madde & girlfriend were at the next table when T & me celebrated her birthday in gay bar Mandus, April '05. She's still around. Photo 2006.

Katarina - new friend, scart cable wizard & former biker. May 2008

In the red jacket: Maja, my Danish 1972 'almost girlfriend'. We always kept in touch, but haven't seen each other since 1990. © Maja France 2006.

of you"

We spent lots of time together in our teens, and then skipped three decades. To me Stina, Ann, Lena & Monica are still "the girls". Who am I to them ... ? June '08

Monica, above, as I've got
used to seeing her the
last couple of years.

Lena & Tiffany. Lena and I go back thirty years.

My ex & Gösta - the
new man in her life.
Summer '08

Anette & Anette -
summer 2008 biker friends. We met on the internet & they convinced me to join them at the gigantic Toppen bike meet in Skagen, Denmark.

Oz friends revisited, Xmas & New year 2008/09
Sue & Duane, who added the magic to my 2005 visit; New Year's Day swim

Between a portrait of my friend Katherine Cummings and her painting by "the world's first sex-change" Einar Wegener/Lili Elbe.             Right: Lunch with Tracie & Katrina ;o) (Motorbike helmet hairdo - what can I say?)

Lucy & Kelley
Bondi Beach

Laura - top of the page - without her red hair

  Back to Sweden:

Maria, my dentist since the early 90s & for the last few years also "talk about life over a beer" friend.
June 2010.
Gunnel & Thomas, Stockholm friends who
regrettably moved to Gotland, Sweden's
Mediterranean-like island in the Baltic . . .

. . . which, on the other hand, is a lovely place for bikers ;o)
June 2007

at Joel & Marica's wedding.

Gotland revis, July 2011 Channa Bankier, one of Sweden's most renown painters & out-spoken sex liberal - "the uncrowned Swedish Queen of Scandal".

To be cont'd