... to some interesting sites:

I simply have to start with our friend James Green, San Francisco. We first met when I helped arrange some seminars in Stockholm in the fall of '98, and have since then got together on a number of occasions, here and in California. He's one of the foremost spokesmen for FTM visibility, and one of the reasons why they now get to be more visible, noisy and demanding!

In the fall of 2003, he & his lovely girlfriend Heidi got married ...
... and in 2004 his book "Becoming a visible man" was published by Vanderbilt University Press.

Lynn Conway has created an impressive TS site, which is now also being translated into a number of other languages, e.g. Arabic, Hungarian, Polish and Swedish!

One of the most interesting parts of her site, is the extensive portrait galleries of ftm and mtf transsexuals, intended to show transitioners and their families that life as a transsexual may well be a very rewarding one.

It was a beautiful compliment when she invited me to join these amazing ladies. You will find me in the 10th row of the women's Photo Gallery 2. If you want a short-cut ...

On top of this, Lynn Conway is also an ardent dirt bike rider; We need many more women like her!

From Lynn's site - the inflamed debate about J. Michael Bailey's "The man who would be queen", which describes heterosexual trans women as "homosexual transsexuals".

Quite a different one, is the website of our photographer neighbor Konny Domnauer. You will find me under Z in his collection of authors' portraits, with page 2-4 texts in English. And while you're at it - do have a look at e.g. his Cuban photographs, Music in the air, or those covering the aftermaths of the murder of our foreign minister Anna Lindh - found under "Sthlm Red etc ...". His captions here are all in English.

Then there's my friend Lena - we go back some thirty years - whom you should get in touch with whenever you're in dire need of a stage setting, theatre clothing, a creative museum exhibition or some glass artwork.

Another one, possibly even more unexpected, is that of my friend Angelica's lesbian, feminist & genderqueer cultural society Queer Dykes. I realize this website is all in Swedish, but who could NOT love their little queer dyke mascot?

Next one up is young photographer Sara Ängfors, whom I gave free hands to create the basic design for this website. I sure like it a lot ...
... and as for her photography, it's nothing short of excellent!

Society sure is changing for the better; INIS - the first forum for intersexual people in Sweden. This site is a Swedish one, but there are links to a number of intersex organizations in English-speaking countries.

Then a big leap to Sweden's first public transvestite - Claes Schmidt aka Sara-Claes aka Sara Lund. And very public she is, in almost no time having gone from traditional transvestite obscurity to stand-up comedy and TV (sic!) panels.

I'm also very fond of her '06 Xmas card, in that it pin-points the incredible importance of dress and behavior for how we are perceived; Could anyone honestly say that they would treat these two people exactly the same?

Photographer: Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin

Click for larger version.

Swedish transman Lukas Romson has created an impressive site comprising most there is to know for Swedish trans people and their significant others. This site is in Swedish, but as most of the numerous links are foreign ones, there should be something for everyone. Choose "Länkar" at the top of the page.

Lukas is also listed under Lynn's Successful TransMen.

A brand new acquaintance, with an equally new website - first posted in late September 2006 - is Swedish mtf transsexual Li Sam.

Her site being fully Swe/Eng bi-lingual, with a pronounced cultural angle, and wise & compassionate in its approach, I recommend a visit also for our partners.