Interview on Rix Morronzoo - "The Morning Zoo" - voted Sweden's No 1 radio morning show, four years in a row. 17th August 2004.

Left to right: Roger Nordin, E.Z., Gert Fylking, Titti Schultz.
Roger added an extra gold star to their credentials when he was voted 2005
"Gay personality of the year" by LGBT magazine QX's readers.

LOTL - Lesbians On The Loose - Australia's No 1 lesbian magazine.
The November '05 issue - with "Erica's story" mentioned on the cover - was available three days before I had to return to Sweden ...

... and in December, they printed a reader's letter saying that "Erica Rocks!"; Thanks ever so much, Wendy in Queensland ;o)

* Not until almost ten months later, did I realize that my Dykes On Bikes friends had posted a link to the interview under News on their site; Click entry photo for access *

Trying to explain what it's like to be a 'male' lesbian, in Letters to the editor;
Diva Dec 97/Jan 98, Girlfriends April '98. Lovely timing with the "Lesbian or trans" article!

From the website of Swedish LGBT mag QX - photos from their private party at the
Stockholm Jazz Festival, 19th July '06:

"There will be an interview with Erica in August"
Right: T with our politician friend Peter Frejhagen
Photos: Fredrik Du Rietz

The 84-page August issue - their thickest ever - was available across the country a few days before the inauguration of our magnificent Stockholm Pride ...
... which made me even happier that chief editor Anders Öhrman had asked lesbian jornalist Mian Lodalen to write the piece, and "Ecce Homo" photographer Elisabeth Ohlson to take the pics.

As for Elisabeth's lovely photo, it measures an impressive 35x35 cm (14"x14"), and was allowed more than one full page; It sure felt strange when, one evening shortly after Pride, the guy next to me at the Torget bar counter spread his mag open so that this photo was right next to my beer, and then read the two-page "From straight man to proud dyke" interview without giving me even a glance; The anonymity of cities ... ? I just love it!

Elisabeth & Anders
checking the setting out

A pdf version of the mag can be down-loaded from the QX site - regrettably it's all in Swedish ;o)

Also: Once again my dear Aussie friends decided that I was worth a spot under News on the DOB website; I'm sure they liked my choice of T-shirt for the shoot ;o)   As mentioned above: Click Elisabeth's photo, in their News entry, and it takes you straight to the interview.

Now that we are already dealing with QX: For their 100th issue, in January 2004, they decided to go for an "Icons, Idols & Role models" theme, and I was utterly flattered when I received an invitation to the photo session for the magnificent three-piece front cover.

Unfolded, the cover displays Elisabeth's historic photo of some of Sweden's most public gay and bi persons around the turn of the century - actors, musicians, politicians, authors, journalists, celeb drag stars, a movie director, gay priest Lars G, a royal clothes designer, former UN ambassador Sverker Åström, hetero Sweden's favorite gay couples Eva & Efva - whose silver necklace Madonna wears in one of her videos - and Jonas & Mark. To the far right is our lovely photographer.

No-one said anything about what clothes to wear, so my choice of the turquoise blouse was pure luck - not least since, to my knowledge, I'm the only transsexual in the photo.

According to the editorial, "Erica, beyond any doubt, is Sweden's most well known transsexual person. Her courageous TV appearances a couple of years ago, substantially contributed to the visibility of Swedish transsexuals". (Pages 26-29)
Thanks Anders, Pär, Nenne & Jon - I loved that!

This calls for a step back to the 2001 Stockholm Pride, when Dagens Nyheter, our biggest national daily, wanted to run a feature story on something other than the ordinary gay gal or guy.
I was to be their pick of the day, and the headline says that "The State forced her to file for a divorce".

A few days after the article was published, I received an e-mail from Swedish TV celebrity Malou von Sivers, to the effect that "I have interviewed the likes of Ingmar Bergman, Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan & Isabella Rosselini, and now I would very much like to meet you".

Her timing couldn't have been better; We met for the first part of the interview only a week later - which was also a mere week before my surgery - and then again a month post op. When the half-hour interview was broadcast in early December, it seated 10% of Sweden's population in front of their TVs ...
... and Malou was already busy with the sequel. This full hour version, which featured both of us, our relationship & family life, was televised in Dec 2002, and obviously made the viewers realize that even transsexuals are quite ordinary people, leading ordinary lives; Drunkards outside our liquor store commented on "very nice program", as did beer drinking 30 year-old guys on a Gothenburg tram. Five years later, we were still met with warm smiles from unknown passers-by in the street.

Photo from concluding interview at our summer house in July '02.

In Febr '07 I was told by one of the doctors on the Stockholm TS team that many of the young transsexuals refer to this program as the starting point for their own acceptance of their situation.

Also: For the 2001 Pride Magazine, they wanted a number of personal portraits to illustrate the diversity under the Rainbow umbrella. I was chosen to represent mtf transsexualism, Alex & Kid my ftm counter-parts.

I really like the atmosphere of the photo - and my hippie style outfit felt altogether familiar & very nice.

The picture below is from my improvised participation in a test panel for Swedish tabloid Expressen, and so isn't really trans related - but our friends among the staff at pub Akkurat know both who I am and my taste for beer and whisky, and so tempted me to leave my dinner table for the tasting of brand new Swedish single malt Mackmyra.

As for the whisky, the distillers realeased the full 9096 bottle batch that morning, and no more than forty were still available in the evening. Expressen, 5th Dec 2006

In June '78, I was asked to lend my face to an impressive Sunday special interview with a Norwegian transvestite.

The piece was published in Oslo paper "Dagbladet" on the 22nd of July, with a huge color version, on the front page, of the Scottish hound photo in my Biography.

On the second page I found this quite lovely portrait:

Almost thirty years later, in May '07, LOTL Editor in Chief Merryn Johns got in touch re my thoughts on Tranny Pride, for their June Issue.

On a personal level this tied in perfectly with my status as a soon to be single woman & my matching longing to return to Oz.

Merryn's next beautiful compliment was to offer me a monthly column in the International web version of LOTL. Probably not even thinkable only a few years ago, but if Pat - pre Patrick - Califia could answer readers' letters for a gay male magazine, then a TS woman can write columns for a lesbian mag. It takes a courageous woman to come up with the idea, though!

My first piece - "What is it like?" - was published in October '07.

This is the first web publication I've seen where you move around by 'turning the pages', which gives you a very convincing impression of actually reading an ordinary magazine. Back issues available from the Archives.

With my lovely girlfriend-to-be Katarina. Website photo from the EuroPride Park cocktail party of Swedish LGBT mag QX; Last day of July 2008

Starting with the Oct 2008 issue, the LOTL editors combined the Australian printed magazine and the international web version into one and the same publication.

From my point of view this means literally being out on Sydney's streets just in time for my sentimental Xmas & New Year visit. Only wish that Katarina could come.

New editor, new ideas, and my last LOTL column was printed in November 2009.

Merryn Johns moved on to launch LOTL's more stylish sister BOUND ...
... where the sixth issue featured beautifully laid out "Trans Story" interview with
"lesbian-identified male to female transsexual, Erica Zander".

In April 2010 Curve - with its adorable Bitch Slap cover - there was an important piece
by Katrina Fox about lesbian/trans relationships. One of the five couples comprised
Katrina and her partner Tracie O'Keefe, another one was Katarina & me.

A few months later Avalon Media acquired Curve Magazine, put BOUND on ice and gave Merryn free hands. It'll be exciting to see the facelift she will most definitely give this old lady.

to be cont'd