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From the Back Cover:

"Erica Zander is a Swedish lesbian-identified male-to-female transsexual. After thirty years as a - so she thought - transvestite, and fifteen as a 'former trans', she transitioned at the age of forty-eight. Erica still lives with her wife of thirty years; together they have two adult sons."

"In this candid autobiography, trans activist statement and post-op diary, Ms. Zander discusses a wide range of topics related to gender and the individual's quest for wholeness. Her text has an immediacy that is only possible because it was written throughout her transition, not years later."

Reviews & other comments:

TG Community News Oct 2003
"TransActions is a lovely book, a beautifully candid personal journal."
"Written from a pleasant and decidedly non-American point of view, the story of the "birth" of Erica is a warm and comforting diary [and] a heartening story of a smooth MtF transition at work and in most aspects of life."

Attitude (Swedish T*-magazine, my translation) Dec 2003
"The word "book" is not enough to describe TransActions, which is really so much more."
"Having read it, you are full of knowledge and hope. And most of all, you are convinced that with honesty and love, you can accomplish anything."

Transgender Forum Febr 2005
"Although started later in life hers seems to be the perfect transition; she kept her spouse, her family, her friends, her job and position. As she says, she changed, but nothing else did. But to be fair, I like to believe these "unnoteworthy" transitions happen more than we realize, that it is more common to focus on what many give up, what many do loose, to become who they are."
"But overall her joy and wonderment of being a woman "at last," of doing things for the first time as a woman comes through so clearly."
"It is all the more remarkable too, how she conveys these thoughts so convincingly, writing in what is not her native language."
"To truly know what it must be like to be a transsexual woman, this is as close as you can get."

"I would recommend this book to anyone no matter what stage of transition they are in !! Excellent, excellent !!!"
AP, Pennsylvania - Amazon review

"Would you like to get under the skin of a transsexual woman? This is how close Erica Zander takes you. All her thoughts, feelings, successes and failures are to be found in this book." Ylva Maria Thompson for Swedish women's site GirlsCorner.

(For those who read Swedish: Review found under Just Nu - Tidigare - TransActions, Interview: Månadens Profil - Tidigare - Erica Zander.)

"More than a memoir! Excellently written, funny and poignant. A wonderful read for any gender in transition, and can be helpful for partners too." SG - Amazon

"This is easily one of the best books - if not the best - on the life of transsexual women available today."
WA, Can - Amazon

"Seldom you hear about people so happy and outgoing as Erica. Buy the book and get some positive energy."
SP, France - Amazon

"I felt compelled to write and thank you for your effort to include FtMs. It seems the feelings, anxieties and problems are the same whichever way we are travelling - it's just the plumbing which is different. Your book has allowed me into your life and I felt a pride and affection for you and your family. Once again - thank you for sharing your story - you are an inspiration to me."  
Glen, New Zealand - by e-mail, April 2005

"I just finished reading your book. I often found myself crying, smiling, even laughing. Thank you so much for sharing yourself, your family and friends. I intend to recommend your book to our Transgendered Book Club. Thank you dear lady, we wish you and your family the very best."   Cheryl, WA - by e-mail, Dec 2006

"Never before I did read a book about Gender Dysforia that expounds the issue so clearly and made clear the dilemmas you felt yourself placed in. You also described it with a great sense of humor. Now I realize I don't have to write the book I was planning for the last 3 years. All I wanted to say and comment on the issue, you did."  
Gerty, Amsterdam - by e-mail, Jan 2007

"I was moved to contact you having re-read parts of your wonderful book. Thank you for publishing your story in the way you did. I value it above all the other biogs (well, maybe it's level-pegging with Jan Morris's Conundrum) because you have not gone back and re-edited the story to 'clean it up' post-surgery. It rings far truer and more honest than most others because of that and has been a very useful guide for me through the dark times."
Josie, Sydney - by e-mail, July '07

"I just wanted to send you an email this morning. I've been thinking about doing this ever since I finished reading your fantastic book: TransActions.
I felt compelled to write to you because your book was so open, and full of truth, and raw human emotions of both the positive and negative kind. I was simply enthralled, and at the end of the book I gave out a semi-audible 'wow' as I forced myself to take a breath.
Upon finishing the book I marched into the kitchen where one of my flat-mates was having breakfast and simply announced that I was a trans woman. I think he half-choked on his corn-flakes. :-)
I think you are such an amazing, strong and beautiful woman and that you are a role model not only for me but for all trans women and men everywhere. And I also think you look amazing in a biker leather jacket! Le gach dea-ghuí"
Niamh, Ireland - by e-mail, Oct '08

In Oct I was also told that Richard Ekins & Dave King refer to my book in their brand new report "The transgender phenomenon" ;o)

"I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for your insight and sharing of your life. I read your book several months ago and said to myself, "Oh my God... this is me!"
I gave the book to my wife and she unsurprisingly said, "Oh my God... this is you!"
Thank you again so much and if you're ever down Texas way, let me know. There are quite a few people here who would love to meet you."
Donna, Texas - by e-mail Nov '08

"I say in all honesty that your book has helped me more than any of the others and I Thank You so much. I have given a copy to my therapist. She will learn a great deal!
Want to get things done? Ask Women. Want diplomacy? Ask Women. Want to know what life is really about? Ask Women." Gigi, Colorado - by e-mail Nov '08

"I Loved your book! Thanks So Much for your honesty and for helping elevate the self-esteem of thousands of people."
PS from Gigi, Colorado - Jan '09 e-mail

"TransActions is a 6 out of 5 star book! A beautiful piece of writing and just about everything covered. I really like the immensely useful breakdown of the contents at the beginning. Usually in books of this nature one has to laboriously re-read the text trying to remember roughly where one thought that a sentence occurred. I love your remark at the beginning about `a Swedish touch to the text`, hardly noticeable I feel except that a love of the place does surface in your remarks." Suky, GB - April '09 e-mail

"I am amazed that when I mention your book to Trans friends many of them say, 'Oh I read that years ago'."
Mark Schoen, producer of the 2012 "Trans" documentary - Oct '12 e-mail

The "Trans" website sometimes is slow to open. If it doesn't work, then simply close the
link and try immediately again. Address:

"hi erica. just wanted to thank you for your book. you're one sweet and funny girl. i'm 68 but new to trans. just had my first testosterone suppressor shot in the belly. ouch! start estrogen patches in about 10 days. can't wait. i am doing my transition through the veterans administration, which is amazing since i was an anti-vietnam war soldier. love your book. i'm lesbian too. how totally wonderful." Johnnie Lewis, NY - May '13 e-mail

"Your book and your encouraging words mean so much to me. You cannot know how much." Johnnie Lewis, NY - June '13 e-mail

Personal conversations:

Young ftm TS, Nov 2004: "Erica, you have written such a wonderful book! It almost made me wish that I were really mtf, so that I, too, could become a woman!"

Young lesbian, March 2006: "The second time I read your book, I realized that I shouldn't care what other people think. I have the right to be proud of who I am, and it's nobody's business but my own!"

On display with Judith Halberstams "In a Queer Time & Place" at Sydney's
"The Bookshop", in Oxford St, Darlinghurst, 1 Oct '05.

To order "TransActions" from your bookstore:
Publisher: Periskop, 2003 ISBN: 91-89443-01-2 Wholesale: Ingram

Accessible for anyone, anywhere:
At you can also "Search inside", to study the contents, read the first chapters, and search the complete text for specific words or names, showing you a couple of lines for each entry found.

If you prefer local shopping - Sweden: Adlibris internet bookstore
Canada: Little Sister's Book Store in Vancouver...
... or
Great Britain:

It used to be available also from Amazon Japan. Even without a link to my book, a visit to this website is quite an experience!

New trans anthology

From the press release: "Trans People in Love provides a forum for the experience of being in love and in relationships with significant others for members of the trans community. This honest and respectful volume tells clinicians, scholars, and trans people themselves of the beauty and complexity that trans identity brings to a romantic relationship, what skills and mindsets are needed to forge positive relationships, and demonstrates the reality that trans people in all stages of transition can create stable and loving relationships that are both physically and emotionally fulfilling."

I chose to call my contribution "My Husband Had a Sex Change - Shit Happens".

"The other outstanding writer in this collection is Erica Zander. [...] Her writing is a delight. [...] She tells us of her progress from androgyne to transgendered woman, the stresses on her wife and marriage and the give and take which has allowed their marriage to continue, with the loving support of their children and the extended family."
From Katherine Cummings' review in the Oct-Dec 2008 issue of Polare

"It's wonderful for me to send my e-mail saying thank you for your essay. I'm now intending to translate the book into Japanese with permission from the publishers. Reading the last paragraph of your essay I burst into tears."
masao, professor, Kyoto - March '09

Released in June 2008 and available from this book will be an invaluable addition to all transgender libraries.

"TransActions" cover photo by Lars Epstein, August 2001
"Male armor", Valbona Castle, Italy, May '06
With one of Ian's shepherd's dogs in Brindabella Valley, NSW, Oct '05
At Lena's summer house, June '08 © Sussie Hedlund
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