Neptuni Åkrar - The fields of Neptune - on the Baltic island of Öland.
June 2006

Staying at our summer house for a couple of months when the apartment kitchen
was refurbished, we travelled to the city by car in the early mornings. Oct 2002

My University friend Ragna after our reunion weekend in the Stockholm archipelago,
with its - literally - 25 000 islands. 1st October '06

For those of you who never had a chance to understand the merits of winter;
My colleagues Li & Jonas, January '07

Two blocks from where I live in what used to be the frowned at working class South
part of Stockholm. Today it's more expensive than the eternally posh East side.

Gotland - the Baltic island making up an impressive 1% of Sweden's territory.
My ex wife and her friend Kerstin, June 2007